Benefits of this Partnership

Track your EWE & charge customer accordingly

We are technology driven organisation to track our assets remotely & monitor their

performance regularly, makes it easier for our associates to grow along with us.

Don’t Invest. Take It. Rent It.

For dealership, you don’t have to buy our products. You have to take it on lease & sublease further and expand further.

Think green & promote green

Electric vehicles are the future of transportation. Associate with us and join the bandwagon of using clean energy and making mother earth free from pollution.

Multiply your opportunity & grow further

Becoming a partner won’t restrict you only to sublease the product, multiply your business opportunity with the additional services like providing the in-house charging station, battery swapping options to promote and foster the experience EWE User/ Rider near you.

How to become a Partner

Become our Partner and multiply your earning opportunities. Simply take our E-WE bikes and rent them further ahead to people. You can even track your E-WE bikes and charge customer accordingly. We will take care of all the bike maintainance along with features like battery swapping for better experience.

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