Daily Commuters

E-WE bikes are a great solution for daily commuters who are using public transport & want to avoid owning a conventional vehicle. Owning an E-WE bike will drastically reduce daily transport costs. Also no longer will you wait endlessly for the next bus and stand in the crammed metro for hours.

College Students

Breeze past the traffic & your fellow students on stylish E-WE bikes. Apart from the style design & oozing X-Factor, E-WE also helps you save money compared to the usual petrol vehicle. Using an E-WE bike also reduces your carbon footprint to a great extent, which in turn will help save the environment.

Delivery Personnel

E-WE bikes are a no brainer for any delivery peronnel. It hepls them save money in fuel & bike maintenance. You can rent an E-WE which reduces the cost that comes from owning a vehicle. It also has a battery swapping & charging facility around Delhi NCR, allowing you to cover a lot of distance.